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Thuzio Pros: Tiki Barber, Larry Holmes, Chris Armas
Thuzio Experience: Hear Their Story
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Health Guru worked with Thuzio to create three video documentary segments that discussed various physical setbacks. Tiki Barber, Chris Armas and Larry Holmes told their own personal stories about going through and overcoming sicknesses, injuries or anything that may have stood in their way during their respective careers.

  • “Thuzio athletes have been a tremendous resource for We look for ways to make health information engaging and personally relevant – so whether it was Tiki Barber relating how his mother struggled with breast cancer, Chris Armas showing how he copes with arthritis, or Larry Homes talking about the new health challenges he faces with age, Thuzio athletes have become a tremendous resource to our audience”-– Josh Silberstein, CEO –
  • Location Information
    Jersey City, NJ
    Central Park, NYC
    Easton, PA