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Flag Football with Tiki Barber and Stephen Baker

Event details
Thuzio Pros: Tiki Barber, Stephen Baker
Thuzio Experience: Pick-Up Game
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Videos and Pictures from the Event

Former New York Giants greats Tiki Barber and Stephen Baker joined a group of fellow New Yorkers for a game of flag football. Tiki and Stephen Baker “The Touchdown Maker” took the competition to the next level as they proved that they hadn’t lost their edge since retiring from the pros. Stephen even brought his Super Bowl ring along with him!

  • “Had so much fun playing flag football! Thuzio makes it possible for me to do fun things and get together with some great people. Thanks to Thuzio, these opportunities are available for me. I’d do it anytime!”- Stephen Baker, former New York Giant
  • Location Information
    East River Park, NYC