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See what Fox Sports, Esquire, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Howard Stern and more have to say about us. Watch the new Thuzio video!

Business Insider
"Thuzio – a booking website where normal people can hire current and former athlete for a wide variety of purposes….a gift for die-hard fans."
Thuzio on CNBC - Ultimate Gifts for Sports Lovers
Bleacher Report
"The idea is as simple as it is brilliant—bringing athletes (past and present) together with their fans for unforgettable experiences. The possibilities are endless..."
Thuzio co-founders Mark Gerson and Tiki Barber on Bloomberg TV
Thuzio, a website that lets us “normals” book lunches and appearances with famous athletes, has been quietly rolling out a new feature that further lowers the access barrier for fans.
FOX News
"You can see up front, what would it take? what is the cost? It's a wide variety of great memorable experiences and you see what it is up front."
Chicago Sun Times
"Check out [the] celebrity-appearance bargains from Thuzio"
Howard Stern
“A lot of companies of want to hire a jock, and all men look up to them…and they’re excellent salespeople or business leaders…this is remarkable!” -- Howard Stern
“…you can hit up Thuzio to propose just about anything with any of their clients -- just like we did.”
Blood Sweat and Cheers
"Users can browse the directory online, choose the right pro for an experience and book them directly through the site."
"If there is an area where enthusiastic followers and credentialed professionals exist, they will create a marketplace for it."
Thuzio, an athlete booking startup that shows tremendous promise
Millburn-Short Hills Patch
Thuzio helps to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.
"There’s been a market for athletes doing appearances forever. But there’s never been a marketplace with price transparency and e-commerce. We aggregate the long-tail of celebrity. We are growing." -- Tiki Barber
Beta Beat
"...talent is signing up to the platform at the rate of about 20 new clients a week...two big New York literary agents are preparing to put their clients on the’s also practical, and possibly brilliant­—"
--Patrick Clark, Beta Beat
Buzzfeed Sports
Check out a video of Kobayashi at Thuzio
"What Thuzio does is it gives the common fan a chance to tap into over 500 athletes and coaches on a very personal or smaller scale...access to an incredible array of athletes, coaches and professional people." --Brian Billick
Dan Patrick
”The ability to interact online with your sports heroes on both corporate and individual levels is big. Pricing is upfront…the stable of athletes and coaches that they have is second to none.” -- Super Bowl Coach, Brian Billick
“Thuzio is great because [fans] get to see that there’s more to us than just basketball or football, or whatever sport we play.” –Kenny Anderson
NY Post
“Want to play flag football in Central Park with Tiki Barber? Add John Starks to your Saturday morning foursome? Now one of these fantasy experiences is just a click or two away at”
“The idea is for Thuzio to bring transparency to the whole “celebrity appearance” market with its clear pricing.”
Black Enterprise
“What I would love to happen is for the consumer to realize that we’re just people…” -Tiki Barber quoted in BE article
"All that and more — much, much more — is possible via the startup Thuzio. The site sells current and retired athletes' time to folks looking for 'ultimate fan experiences.'"
Colin Cowherd
  "It's a heck of a concept. They have over 700 athletes and it's up-front pricing. It's making you much more accessible to your favorite regional or national sports heroes to have the kind of interaction you want at an affordable price."
  "Thuzio, an online service where people can share experiences with professional athletes and coaches." -- Taylor Ritzel
SB Nation
“Athletes can re-engage in their communities doing all kinds of experiences...and customers love it, this is something they never thought was attainable and now we are facilitating it…This is Possible.” – Tiki Barber
Dennis Miller Show
“Thuzio brings the fans closer to guys that played professionally, it’s a nice way to interactively brings players and fans together.” – Bobby Hurley
CBS Radio with Tiki
“Thuzio brings fans and athletes closer. It’s a unique thing, now there is a vehicle for fans to interact with guys that they watched and looked up to.” – Bobby Hurley
Fox Sports
“What does in a very local and a national way, is for everyday people, business-wise or personally can tap into a wide variety of athletes and coaches.” – Brian Billick
Boomer and Carton
“On Thuzio you can do something as simple as shoots hoops with somebody, have them over for dinner, have them at your bar mitzvah…it’s a great site.” – Brian Billick
WQAM 560 Miami
“We’ve started to tap into the psyche of our talent because they realize that this is a great way to take my brand and still monetize it.” – Tiki Barber
Bloomberg Radio
”Tiki and I cofounded Thuzio to create a platform for those who are publicly recognized for their excellence in any activity to interact directly and commercially with their enthusiasts.” – Mark Gerson
Joe Rose Show
“A lot of fans are trying to find out where they can go to book a person like a Tim Hardaway, a Kenny Anderson, an Alonzo Mourning, and Thuzio has made this an experience.” – Tim Hardaway