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Mar 7

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Mar 7, 2013

Thuzio March Madness

Thuzio March Madness

Thuzio’s basketball roster includes a combined 9 NCAA champs and 4 national player of the year award winners…Book one of the guys today!

Jay Williams – 2001 National Champion, and 2002 College Basketball Player of the Year

Ed O’Bannon – 1995 National Champion, and 1995 College Basketball Player of the Year

Marques Johnson – 1975 National Champion, 1977 National Player of the Year

Isiah Thomas – 1981 National Champion, Final Four MVP, First team All-American

Jalen Rose – Fab Five, 2 Finals Appearances

Billy Thompson – 1986 National Champion

Kenny Anderson – First team All-American

Walter McCarty – 1996 National Champion

Derrick Coleman – Final Four Appearance, First team All-American

John Wallace – Final Four Appearance

Zach Randolph – Final Four Appearance

Nick Anderson – Final Four Appearance

Gail Goodrich – 2x National Champion, National Player of the Year

Oliver Darden – 2x Final Four Appearances

Danny Green – 2009 National Champion