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Feb 11

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Feb 11, 2013

10 Minute Athlete Phone Call

Book a 10-minute phone call with your favorite athlete

Phone calls are our newest product, and allows enthusiasts to talk with some of their favorite athletes. We’re just testing out phone calls, and if it works and there is enough demand, we’ll ask more of our athletes to consider the phone call product.

Currently, we are mainly in the New York tri-state area, South Florida and Southern California. Having a phone call product allows for fans throughout the nation to partake in Thuzio at a reasonable price. Whether you want to hear from a pro or coach about insights on the game, personal stories, to specific coaching and advice, as well as personal congratulatory greetings and as a birthday gift, the 10-minute phone call option may be a great way to go.

So far we’ve already fulfilled phone call requests for Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, a birthday greeting from Phillies great Mickey Morandini and a trash talk request for 49ers great Ricky Watters. In addition we’ve gotten several requests over the weekend since launching the product last week, including a request for Cedric Ceballos.

We’re happy to provide fans direct access to athletes. Since launching in late August, we’ve grown from nothing to now 350+ athletes concentrated in 3 major markets. Our efforts are focused on acquiring enough talent to achieve a tipping point, where we have something of interest for every fan and enthusiast in every part of the country for paid local appearances.

So check out our athletes that do have the phone call option, and let us know if you have any special requests!


  • @kcclax

    How cool is this? Very cool. Even though I ordered the experience with Kevin Gillbride, it was exciting to see NEW YORK GIANTS pop up on my caller ID. Kevin was a class act and an absolutely great guy to talk to. I had a million questions for him, and not all were easy ones, but he was open and honest and answered every single one. I have no connection to Thuzio, no business interest in it, nothing like that at all…but I was very impressed with everything about them from top to bottom. My point person, Rhea, was friendly and on the ball every step of the way. Tiki himself found me on twitter to thank me for being a customer. Thuzio followed up with me to see how the call went. Class, class, class, all the way around. And the call itself? Priceless.